Lirui is the producer of die casting machines and molds . Our selection of proven die casting machines provides efficient and consistent performance for all major metals used in industrial casting and for all

manufacturing applications, including cold and hot chamber die casting and the latest automated casting, squeeze casting, and vacuum casting techniques that have been developed to improve production times and increase part quality.

Applications for Our Die Casting Machines


Our cold-chamber die casting machines efficiently produce high-strength, lightweight parts for the powertrain and structural components vital to today’s automotive manufacturing.


Lightweight, precision crankcase components that deliver performance and durability are a staple for our proven cold chamber die casting machines.

Household Products

Our hot chamber die casting machines are engineered for speed and reliably to support the mass production of housewares such as cookware, canisters, and racks.


Production lines for smartphones, computers, and other consumer electronic body and manufactured substrate parts benefit from our hot chamber die casting machines’ unerring precision.

Key Benefits of Our Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines


Our Cold Chamber High Performance Shot System is capable of rapid transitions using a high-performance cartridge valve for rapid transitions involving both fast shot speeds and braking to reduce flash. Our latest hydraulic circuit offers the following performance advantages:

Die closes 20% faster

Energy Saving 20% more

Total cycle time is 20–30% less

Advanced Technology

LiRui Smart Shot multi-staged injection control, including shot profile display, has better consistency than other closed-loop systems and its double toggle clamping die height adjustment shortens setup time. All our cold chamber die casting machines also include our enhanced servo pumping system, which reduces energy consumption up to 50%..


Our simplified design has removed any extraneous components, eliminating the most common root causes of failure and minimizing pressure spikes that wear and damage hydraulic components in the process.

We use Yuken and Visi Trak to control the shot system. They are robust, have hundreds of thousands of cumulative time in the field, and have proven themselves to be very reliable.

Trouble-Free Maintenance

On all of our cold chamber die casting machines, we’ve separated the pump station from the rest of the machine for easy maintenance. We also use components manufactured by Allen Bradley, Bosch, Vickers, and others, ensuring quick and easy servicing.

Safe Operation

Each of our cold chamber die casting machines comes equipped with a safety ratchet bar,safety doors, and you can asking the electric door and full safety guards.