What Is Cold Chamber Die Casting? | Learn Manufacturing Process | Liruiam

What Is Cold Chamber Die Casting? | Learn Manufacturing Process

What Is Cold Chamber?

The metal casting process in which molten metal is injected under high pressure through mold is known as die casting process. The mold cavity is made of steel and uses high temperature. The further mold cavity is divided into Cold Chamber & Hot Chamber. This process is basically used by the manufacturer to make high precision casting product in the Liruiam.Com. According to the nature of molten metal & melting points manufacturer use Cold or hot. These are usually designed through fewer iron alloys like as zinc, copper, magnesium, lead, aluminum, and tin-based alloys.

Chamber Casting or Die is specifically designed to make complex shapes. That really need consistency, precision, and accuracy in all complex manufacturer designs. So, that now manufacturer can design all complex features of any shapes with consistency. Normally die casting has two main types. Both types even having much similarity although there are two types exists.

  • Hot Chamber
  • Cold Chamber Die Casting

Cold Chamber Die Casting

Apart from the hot chamber, the cold chamber is made from aluminum, and magnesium which are having high melting points. Basic working criteria of  Die Casting is similar to the hot chamber. However, in Cold Chamber Casting few less function like “gooseneck”. Here the main perspective of is that to remove the corrosion problem. By separating melting from injection component this die casting isolate corrosion problems.


What Is Cold Chamber Die Casting? | Learn Manufacturing Process | Liruiam


Components of Cold Chamber Die Casting

As we already stated that ColdChamber Casting is used especially for high melting point metal like aluminum. So, to check full process of Cold Chamber then follow this component by component process information.

  • In the start of manufacturer process first, a right amount of molten metal is injected or poured hole into single shot through ladle manually or automatically into the shot
  • Now, under high-pressure cylinder piston mover forward and plunger force molten metal into the molten cavity where molten metal fill mold through its pressure. However, after the injection of molten metal into short chamber manufacturer control the pressure.
  • Now, die cavity of  Chamber hold molten metal until it will turn into solidifies.
  • The pressure remains until it will turn into solidifies. After that pressure is released. Then piston open and through plunger remove ejected material from mold cavity through the way of ejector pins.
  • Now, the reverse process has been started. That piston moves back and the plunger is back on their position and ready for the next cycle of the process.


What Is Cold Chamber Die Casting? | Learn Manufacturing Process | Liruiam


Manufacturer for Cold Chamber Casting

This category is only designed to the external resource by injecting molten metal into the shot chamber. Usually in Cold Chamber Die Casting high melting point molten metal is cast like brass, aluminum, aluminum-zinc, and other low melting points. However, it is possible to inject low melting metal into cold die chamber instead that hot. But one is risky and not perfect. That is why a manufacturer uses hot chamber for low melting point metals. On the other side, if a manufacturer wants to use cyclic or short passes to make products. Then also use cold die casting. But over the hot chamber, this is having disadvantages is that is slow because the product is designed into short cycles. Which slow down the whole process of manufacturing rather than the Hot Chamber Die Casting.

What Is Chamber Die Casting? | Hot & Cold Casting Process | Liruiam

Hot Chamber Die Casting | Die Casting Machine Process | Liruiam

Hot Chamber Die Casting: Die Casting is an injection mechanism or Metal Casting process. This process is basically used in die casting machines that use high temperature to immerse hot chamber into molten metal. Most of Die casting machines are usually made by non-ferrous alloys means that which have not been used an appreciable amount of iron. These alloys based on especially aluminium, magnesium, zinc, copper, lead, tin, and pewter. To produce numerous wide range shapes manufacturer use this process which is more reliable and efficient. To understand fully mechanism this process is divided into two parts.

  • Hot Chamber Die Casting Process
  • Cold Chamber Die Casting Process

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Process

Hot Chamber Die Casting process is mainly used for the mixture of zinc, lead, magnesium, all other alloys that having low melting points.  The whole process usually Hot Chamber Die Casting Process is mainly used for those metal vessel, cylinders, and flags that do not destroy easily. When low melting points are ejected under heat or pressure then all those metal do not resolve or destroy into metal. Hot Chamber Die Casting Process is also known as “gooseneck”. Basically, it is just like a pool in which molten metal is feed to die.

Components of Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

In the injection mechanism of Hot Machine which is used to immerse metal parts into molten metal. For this purpose, the furnace is feed from the feeding part of hot Casting Machine which is usually called gooseneck.

The piston moves from lower position to higher position and ports open when die will be closed. This mechanism fills the cylinder with molten metal. The complete process of filling the cylinder with molten metal is done in a chamber which is called Chamber Die Casting.

After that ports will be closed by the plunger. Next full molten metal is feed into the die cavity and takes under pressure until it takes solidified. Then Die will open and plunger will back to its position and casting is ejected.

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine Process

In contrast hot process, Cold Die Chamber Die Casting Process is usually used for alloys who having high melting points. However, Clod dies casting machines mainly used a mixture of aluminium, brass, copper and all other alloys whose melting points is so high other than low. The top manufacturer used this type of chamber to produce different top designing parts.

Instead of hot die casting machine cold one require the addition of some external equipment’s.

  • A furnace that feeds externally
  • Ladle which is usually used to feed metal into the machine

The different molten metal which you needed to use dies directly enter into the chamber of the die. Once the metal is added into chamber sufficient pressure. Then using high-pressure molten metal is die and enter into a cylinder with a plunge. As the whole process is working under pressure. Here high pressure requires other than high chamber die to cast machine-like as you the pressure machines work with the Household Products.

As we already mentioned that the die casting process is used most of the top leading manufacturer. The reason behind this is high precision and accuracy. That is why nowadays, both cold, hot die casting process is used as well as multi-casting.